Steve Rossi

steverossibuttonSteve started formal, classical piano training at the early age of 6 before being exposed to bands like Led Zeppelin, the Who, Pink Floyd, and the Beatles and Stones. After that, the musical journey had begun! As the son of a music teacher father and an actress/singer mother, he was surrounded by music since birth. This led to an obsession with music that attracted him to a lifetime of performing, recording, composing and teaching.

With a solid foundation of piano and music theory, Steve started learning the French horn in 4th grade, picked up and quickly learned the guitar at age 9 and then switched to bass at age 12 in order to start a band with his childhood friends.

Performing professionally  in local clubs since age 15, Steve eventually toured with Peter Frampton, Taylor Dayne, Cinderella, and Gary US Bonds, performing across the US, Europe, and the Caribbean playing the keyboards, guitar, sax, and singing.

His television appearances include The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Arsenio Hall Show, NBC music specials, MTV’s the Grind, and Solid Gold, among others.

Steve is also a seasoned session musician and producer. Having had synthesizer/software pioneer, Roger Powell, (of Todd Rundgren’s Utopia), as a close friend and mentor in the pre-MIDI days, Steve began to master the then new technology that led to the digital audio explosion. After finding a niche as a composer for TV music, he began composing and producing music for ABC-TV, Biography, A&E, Nickelodeon, Discovery Channel and various other networks.

Steve’s unique and versatile approach to teaching music, combined with a solid foundation in music theory, composition, improvisation and technique, allows him to connect with students on many different levels and quickly determine what works best for them. By empowering his students to discover the talent and joy within and encouraging excitement, discipline and enthusiasm to learn, practice and progress.  In most cases, Steve’s students are playing the music they love within the first few lessons.

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