Dustin Ransom

Dustin RansomDustin Ransom’s musical career began at the age of three, when his mother realized that the coordination he exhibited while playing countless hours of Nintendo could be put to more productive use, and soon enrolled him in piano lessons. Around the same time, Dustin first realized the power of rhythm, watching videos over and over again of legendary drummer Ron Tutt providing a monstrous, soulful foundation to Elvis Presley’s 70s-era performances. Inspired by what he heard and saw, Dustin began building drum kits out of plastic buckets and cardboard boxes, using pencils for sticks. He received his first kit at age eight, and began taking lessons at age eleven. A year later, Dustin picked up guitar and bass, spending hours listening and learning parts he heard on the records he loved, and utilizing the reading skills and theory knowledge he gained through piano and drum lessons to help in the process.

After receiving numerous awards for musical excellence throughout his initial schooling, Dustin moved to Nashville, Tennessee in 2005 to pursue a higher education at Belmont University in drums and percussion, where he studied with the inimitable Chester Thompson (Phil Collins, Genesis, Weather Report, Frank Zappa) and the sublimely funky Zoro (Lenny Kravitz, Bobby Brown, New Edition). While at Belmont, he also honed his piano skills, studying with Nashville jazz luminaries Bruce Dudley and Steve Willets.

After graduating college, the reputation Dustin had already gained as one of the most hard-working, versatile, and dedicated live and session musicians in Nashville’s eclectic music scene began to grow even more. He has performed live and/or in the studio with artists such as Jars Of Clay, Matt Maher, Laura Story, Brandon Heath, Andy Davis, Andrew Belle, Steve Moakler, and Brooke Waggoner, among many others. Dustin is the co-founder of the Nashville Film Composers, a group of local musicians who specialize in the creation of music specifically for film and television, as well as the founder of the Nashville Drummers Project, a website dedicated to profiling and interviewing the many supremely talented drummers working in the Nashville music scene. He is also an in-demand music transcriber, having worked with such companies as Vic Firth, Mel Bay, and Alfred Music Publishing.

When not touring or recording, Dustin enjoys spending time in Nashville with his lovely wife Ingrid.

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