Dave Denton

Dave DentonWith five years of professional touring and sessions on electric, acoustic and bass guitar, Dave Denton has excelled in his positions as music director, arranger, teacher, engineer and road manager. He has over a decade of experience playing guitar, bass, vocals, keys and drums in many different worship settings. He is honored to have played on the stage and/or in the studio with Mark Harris, 4Him, Truth, Geron Davis, Dorothy Savage, and many others. You can hear him on Mark Harris’ new project Stronger in the Broken Places.

For the past five years, Dave has served as the music director of Bay Community Church in Mobile, AL. Experience playing many different instruments has made him a valuable team member in many settings, including music directing and road managing for Mark Harris and 4Him. He has taught many private lessons through Modern Ensemble Music in Mobile for three years and was an electric guitar instructor at Camp Electric in Nashville.

Dave graduated from the University of Mobile with a Worship Leadership degree and has a passion for leading people in worship and training up the next generation of musician/worshippers. He believes music is a spiritual language and that the highest calling of a musician is bringing glory to God through their instrument.

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