Dan Voight

Dan VoightDan Voight is an experienced mandolin player, instructor, builder and repairman. He began teaching at 16, building mandolins at 17, and graduated with a Music Performance Degree from The University of Michigan at 22. He now lives in Nashville where he continues to build custom mandolins, perform, and teach music.

Dan has been immersed in music since childhood and received his first guitar, an electric, at age 12. As a child he listened mostly to rock and roll because that was what he was mostly exposed to. As Dan got older, artists such as John Mayer and Leo Kottke motivated me to play acoustic music and really study his instrument. He soon became interested in acoustic music and then was attracted to the mandolin after hearing recordings by the group Nickel Creek. In 2006, Dan was accepted into the University of Michigan Flint to study the Mandolin Performance. He graduated in 2011 with a bachelors of arts and science in Music Performance. Throughout collage, Dan performed on scholarship in the University Chorale and the Chamber Singers vocal ensembles and sang in such venues as the Pentagon in Washington D.C. He also played in a duet with established classical guitarist Mark Cherry and performed works such as Astor Piazzolla’s Histoire Du Tango, J.S. Bach’s Two Part Inventions for keyboard, as well as Domenico Scarlatti’s keyboard sonatas.

Having owned high quality acoustic guitars Dan felt that he knew something about good tone, and knew that his first mandolin did not possess it. Unable to afford a high quality mandolin he began researching kits, thinking that he could build a better instrument than he was able to afford. He spoke with local luthier Grady Jones & Grady convinced him that it wouldn’t be much harder to start from scratch than it would be to build from a kit. He apprenticed with Grady to build his first mandolin and has continued to produce high quality instruments. Dan’s work can be seen at www.danvoightmandolins.com.

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