Chad Chapin

Chad ChapinFrom the great state of Oregon, at the age of 7, Chad started taking drum lessons, and he was hooked! He started playing in churches, and youth conventions all over the country with his family. Not long after graduating, Chad, and his brother moved to Nashville, Tennessee. They didn’t know a single person who lived there, but were after their dream of playing music professionally. Fifteen years later, Chad has played for bands, and artists such as DC Talk, Casting Crowns, Tait, Rachel Lampa, and Ben Folds, just to name a few. He has been nominated for a Grammy, won a Dove award, has won 12 BMI Music awards, and has countless Gold, and Platinum records to his name. Chad also started his own publishing company called CEC Animal Music.

The new chapter in Chad’s life is called Pro Music Academy! He has had this dream for a while now, and is so excited to see it all come together! The dream started when he was thinking back on what would be the coolest thing ever as a young aspiring musician. So he put together Pro Music Academy. This is a place where anyone can meet their musical heroes, and sit face to face, taking lessons from the players that they listen to on the radio, or on their Ipods. He also created the state of the art SKYPE room where anyone from all over the world can take lessons.

Chad knows that every professional musician out there got to where they are, because someone they knew helped them along the way. That’s what Pro Music Academy is all about!

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