Andy Williams

Andy Williams

Andy was introduced to music at a young age through a grade school music class. The class was only held once a week but it soon became his favorite. Soon after, he began singing around the house and his parents strongly encouraged him to audition for the Atlanta Boy Choir. They accepted him and he sang with the choir for 3 years, including 2 years with their elite group, The Chamber Ensemble.

When Andy left the Choir, he began to pay attention to his dad’s piano playing. Andy would sit at the piano with his dad and try to imitate what he heard. Once his parents realized his interest in piano, they again strongly encouraged him to become more involved. Andy began taking piano lessons and was classically trained for almost 4 years.

As he became older, Andy’s love for music grew and he developed an admiration for rhythm. He began listening to hip-hop, R&B, and rock. It was during this time that he developed an infatuation with drumming. He again wanted to imitate what he heard but this time, he struggled. It would be several years until he would actually be able to play the drums. He began to play in church and once he learned, he never stopped.

Over the years, Andy has grown accustomed to playing several styles of music in almost any situation imaginable. Andy has been drumming for 18 years now and his love for rhythm is as strong as ever and he still values each and every experience as a learning tool.

In 2002, Andy joined an Atlanta based band called Casting Crowns. He had the privilege of professionally touring and recording with them until his departure in 2009. Since then, he has been teaching and mentoring drum students in Atlanta and Nashville, sharing his passion for music with a new generation.

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